Google search tricks 0

Google search tricks as an expert

Sometimes it comes to saving time, but in other cases what we can find totally dependent on knowing or not these possibilities. Perform a search on Google may seem easy, especially if we perform...

Philips SW750M 0

Listen to Spotify wirelessly in any room

The Philips Spotify multiroom speakers can wirelessly listen to the music streaming service on all speakers at the same time or separately on each speaker. The series currently consists of two models, the small...

Kingston HyperX SSD SATA Savage 0

Kingston SATA SSD data processed extra quickly

Kingston launches HyperX-series SATA revision 3 SSD’s that are powered by rapid Phison Electronics S10 SSD controller. The Savage SSDs are the fastest SATA SSDs in the HyperX series. HyperX Savage is the fastest...